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security-gates-guildfordEnsuring the safety and security of your loved ones in a residential area or building, or even the ones of your clients in a corporate building scenario is of the utmost importance because the world has become an increasingly dangerous place to live in. At London Security Gates, we have over two decades of experience in the field of safety and security equipments such as security gates, access control systems, systems to monitor people such as CCTV cameras as well as intercom systems that you can use to discern who comes into your home or office and who stays out. We are the leading name in the industry as we provide products that are extremely durable and the best in their field. This is achieved easily by us because we only work with trustworthy manufactures or leading brands in the market that have passed all the relevant tests that are required to ensure the safety of different people.

One way that safety can be ensured well, around such areas and not necessarily within them in terms of the installment of these equipments, is by regulating the kind of traffic that flows in and out of the area or down a specific road with the help of electric barriers in London. These barriers are meant to ensure that not only does the traffic slow down in the area where the barriers are placed, which can ensure that any children playing near the region are safe, but also meant to completely regulate the kind of traffic that really ends up going in and out of the area and, by extension, the kinds of people that do so as well. This is extremely important as proper public safety can prevent the loss of life as well as injuries to people because of carelessness of any sorts on the part of the vehicle drivers.automated-gate-guildford

There are various different types of electric barriers in London that are available with us. Some of these are as follows:

The 640 automatic barrier

This is one of the best types of barriers that can be used in order to regular the overall traffic and is used especially in areas where the flow of traffic is extremely large because it is extremely efficient in nature. The beam length that is used ranges in size from 4 meters to 7 meters and can easily be skirted on the bottom when it needs to be used.

The 620 automatic barrier

This one is ideal for beams that are sized at 5 meters and are usually used at the entrances of residential colonies as well as commercial buildings where the traffic inflow is not as heavy as the main crowded roads outside.

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