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intercom-systems-chertseyDoor entry systems in London is one of the best ways that you can ensure the security of your loved ones. These systems are essentially access control systems that are designed to make sure that the people entering or exiting the area can be restricted in a secure manner so that not everyone has access to the other side of the door. These systems are most commonly used in commercial buildings where there are many offices so that only employees holding the right kinds of access cards are allowed inside the office space. Some buildings have such strict securities that employees are required to carry more than one access card on their person – one for the traffic beam to lift up, one for the main entrance of the building so that employees can get inside and one for the entrance of the office itself. This is because people know that security is not something that you should take likely. As the world is becoming increasingly more dangerous, there is no option but to always ensure that your premises are safe and secure at all times, along with the people within them and any data that you may have stored in the area as well.

With recent developments, more and more residential buildings as well as gated communities are employing door entry systems in London so that their inhabitants feel safe and secure at all times of the day. In this case, members of the family or the people living in the colony or community are given access cards that then allow them to enter their homes or their colony gates at their convenience. This can even be more convenient than keys because in some cases, these cards let you access the entire house and you don’t have to use different locks to lock up different rooms.intercom-system-weybridge

These kinds of access control systems are also used widely in the hospitality sector. Keys are getting increasingly outdated these days and all the top hotels use access cards to allow people to go inside their rooms. The front desk always has a copy of the card in case of emergencies and housekeeping usually has a master card that allows them to enter when people are not around and clean the room for them so that they are not inconvenienced. The room card is usually placed in a slot near the door or the entrance of the room which then allows all the electrical equipments such as the lights, the television and the geyser to turn on and function. This, these kinds of access control systems are also great for ensuring that people can save up on their electricity bills as well!



Audio Intercom:

Telguard Landline/Gsm Audio Intercom with Entry Keypad




Sim Card Based Door Intercom:

This Sim Card Door Access System allows you to talk and open the Gates etc anywhere you have signal UK and Europe.



Colour Audio/Video Intercom:

Hard Wired Access System


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